About Triumph

About Us

Triumph Youth Services is a first class Adolescent Male Residential Treatment Center for troubled teenage boys ages 12-17.

Our Triumph Youth Services mission, “Building individuals of truth, integrity and accountability who inspire faith in a Higher Power and are leaders in a quest for excellence,” empowers us to help troubled teenage boys and their families in making positive, lasting changes that will in turn ensure a successful tomorrow.

Triumph Youth Services was founded in 1998 and began by providing services to adjudicated youth in Utah for the Department of Human Services. We quickly earned the respect of local families, communities and professionals. As Triumph Youth Services reputation has grown, its services have become more sought after, leading to an increased number of programs and services.

Triumph Youth Services currently operates multiple Residential Treatment Centers and Community based outpatient services available to youth across the globe. Triumph Youth Services Residential Treatment Centers specialize in treating Emotional Disturbance, Substance Dependence, Substance Abuse, Depression, Oppositional Defiance, Non Compliance and more.

Our programs promote an atmosphere of trust, overall safety and well-being for all of our students. Our facilities are safe, structured, clean, controlled and therapeutic. We believe in a non punitive environment which is controlled and measured through our Positive Peer Culture program where students work together as a group and as individuals. All of our staff are well trained and have the experience necessary to be excellent role models and examples to our students. Proper techniques and skills are essential for de-escalation and behavior management; therefore, each of our staff are trained and certified in the Positive Control Systems Non Violent Crisis Intervention Program. It focuses on reliable and safe measures of behavior intervention that does not include aversive, excessive force procedures.

Owner Operated

Triumph Youth Services’ owners are extremely experienced with over 67 years of combined experience. They are directly involved in all aspects of the program. The owners have devoted their lives to helping youth anyway they can.


General Information

Founded: 1998
Located: Brigham City, Utah
Enrollment: Year Round
Licensure: Residential Treatment Center, State of Utah Department of Human Services
Accreditation: Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) since 2000
Athletics: Golf, Rugby, etc. High School sports utilized through our local high school include football, basketball, track, wresting and baseball, as well as community sporting programs.
Environment: Positive Peer Culture
Psychotherapy: Individual, Group and Family Therapy
Specialize: Substance dependence/abuse, emotional disturbance, oppositional defiance, self esteem, depression
Recreation: Many recreational opportunities and positive activities available consistently throughout the program.
Community Service: All students are required to complete a minimum amount of community service each month.
Students: Boys 12-17 and Young Adult Males 18-20
Grades: 7-12 & Technical College
Other: Career Training and Technical College opportunities, apprenticeships, and Sporting Dog Training/Competition.

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