Box Elder Rugby Team

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Box Elder Rugby Team

Triumph Youth Services developed the Box Elder Rugby Team (Box Elder County’s first Rugby Program), which is a part of Utah Youth Rugby Association and USA Rugby. The team is comprised of Triumph students and youth in Box Elder County.

The team participates in full-contact 15-man rugby and 7’s rugby tournaments, which includes community and High School Teams.

Utah Rugby follows a strict code of conduct (Utah Youth Rugby Code of Conduct) that is in compliance with Triumph’s values. Each student participating in Rugby must meet academic requirements and uphold team expectations throughout the season.

Box Elder Rugby Team

Rugby is a good outlet for students to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger management. They also learn hard work, teamwork, brotherhood, patience, and humility.

It is also a requirement for Triumph Rugby players to participate in community service projects all across the Wasatch Front.

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