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The Program

Triumph Youth Services now offers a 45-day O&A program for families needing immediate support and stabilization for their son. This initial period of stabilization is intended to offer 24-hour safety, support and supervision while evaluating the true needs of your son from a therapeutic, behavioral and educational viewpoint. After the full assessment, families will have the option of continuing with our Residential Treatment program or consider other potential recommended programs.  Triumph clinical and administrative staff have researched many different programs throughout the nation and can help to match your son if he is not a good fit for our Residential Treatment program.

The services provided by our experienced team include:

A Treatment Plan, including a diagnosis, behavioral observations and recommendations; a Psychiatric Evaluation with medication recommendations (if needed); an Educational Plan with specific goals and course recommendations (residents will have the option to recover essential credits, prepare for the SAT’s, or gain other educational and organizational skills, as well); we also work with IEP’s and will maintain compliance with all IEP’s and make recommendations according to their individual IEP’s.  We will also develop a Wellness Plan, with goals for health and fitness, in addition to nutritional recommendations.

During this Observation & Assessment your son will see an individual therapist as well as participate in group sessions with licensed master level clinicians who will provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Pet (retriever) Training, Addictions Management and Recovery (this includes gaming and internet addictions), and Adventure and/or Experiential Activities.

Active Environment

Triumph incorporates positive experiences throughout the program to help build leadership, independence, problem solving, peer mentoring, and life skills.

Activities such as sports, art, exercise, cooking, dog training, hiking, camping, fishing, skiing/snowboarding, etc. will be part of a resident’s daily activities.

Triumph Youth Services offers voluntary retriever training with AKC registered retrievers (mostly Labrador Retrievers) where we teach residents to train retrievers.  Once residents are competent in handling retrievers they will have the opportunity to compete with them in AKC sanctioned field trials and retriever tests.  When necessary and/or prescribed, specific retrievers can be trained as therapeutic service animals or certified companion animals.

The retriever-training program is an amazing part of our program that has proven to be extremely supportive to the overall present and future success of our residents.

Studies have shown that spending time with a friendly dog, even for a short time, increases endorphins that are released into the body and decreases the levels of the hormone Cortisol, which controls stress. Because many troubled teens are in a near constant state of emotional anxiety and stress, spending quality time with animals can help them feel calmer and provide motivation to apply to their own lives.

Triumph developed Box Elder County’s first Rugby Program, which is a part of Utah Youth Rugby Association and USA Rugby.  The team is comprised of Triumph students and youth in Box Elder County. Rugby is a good outlet for students to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger management.  They also learn hard work, teamwork, brotherhood, patience, and humility.

The Triumph Alaska Adventures in the summer is the highlight of these activities.  Most of the adventure will take place on the Kenai Peninsula, fishing in the Kenai River and the Pacific Ocean. Activities include:

  • Outdoor workshops (class credit is available, but not always on every trip)
  • Sportsmanship
  • Fishing on the Kenai River
  • Fishing in the Pacific Ocean
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Hikes with glacier views
  • Bear viewing
  • Exploring Alaskan Culture – including dog sleds
  • Alaska Cuisine


Admission to the Triumph Observation & Assessment (O&A) Program is 45 days and will be limited to 20 residents. Individual entry dates are scheduled on a rotation admissions basis. Families can submit an application by contacting our Director of Admissions, Brenda McDowell, at 435-494-1740 or by email at brenda@triumphyouthservices.com. A non-refundable deposit of $2,500 is required to reserve an entry date.  Residents are expected to complete the entire 45 days of the program in order to qualify for admission to our residential program.

Tuition for Triumph O&A is $445/day for a total of $20,025 and is due prior to admission. Costs may be partially or fully covered by insurance. We encourage families to use resources such as Denials Management Inc. to fully investigate your potential insurance options.  Full payment of tuition is expected and insurance reimbursement is the responsibility of the client.

Free consultations with a Masters level therapist are available by calling our main office at 435-494-1740


Triumph Youth Services is licensed as a Residential Treatment Facility by the State of Utah Department of Human Services Office of Licensing. Triumph Youth Services was established and has been fully licensed since 1998.

Our programs are licensed annually with periodic visits and audits from a Department of Human Services Licensing Specialist. Triumph Youth Services maintains full compliance with the state of Utah Core and Categorical Rules of treatment that govern our programs and facilities.

Triumph Academy is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). Triumph has been fully accredited since 2000.

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