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Sterling Lyman

President and Founder

Sterling Lyman is the founder and President of Triumph Youth Services which he founded in 1998. Sterling grew up in South West Wyoming and Northern Utah where he, his wife and 4 children live today. Sterling attended Southern Utah University where he played running back for the Thunderbird football team, studied Sociology, Special Education and Physical Education. Sterling began his career in 1992 while in college where he worked as a youth advocate and a foster parent for DCFS, a counselor for DYC (now DJJS) and as a law related education instructor for first time offenders in the Juvenile Court System. Sterling began working in the private sector in 1995 as a program director and three years later he opened Triumph Youth Services where he and a small group of caring professionals started by offering outpatient services and proctor/foster care. Sterling always had a strong desire to run a quality residential treatment program for troubled teens and in 1999 he and his partners opened their first residential treatment center located in Toquerville, Utah. After achieving great success and growth, Sterling elected to centralize all of the residential treatment programs and work with smaller groups in order to provide a greater system of quality care.

Sterling is passionate about his work and ability to serve. Along with helping troubled youth every day, he is actively involved in many charities and he gets the youth involved as much as possible as well. He has spent his life committed to the success and personal growth of youth and will do anything it takes to make a difference. In 2001 Sterling and his wife Char adopted one of the boy’s from the program completing their loving family. Sterling’s pride and joy are his kids, his dogs and his Triumph boy’s. Sterling married the love of his life in 1990 and they are still going strong today “the greatest accomplishment of my life is picking the right girl and convincing her to stick with me and my crazy life for the long haul”. Sterling’s greatest joy is family time, family adventures and watching his kids grow. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, training retrievers, coaching, all sports and being in the outdoors. Sterling’s favorite place on earth is Alaska and he makes every attempt to visit and share Alaska with new people every year.

Sterling contributes his success to his great staff and because he was able to surround himself with amazing people. “if you surround yourself with good people, amazing things will happen, I have been fortunate enough throughout my life to find the right people – good honest, loyal hard working people that inspire me and motivate me to do better everyday” Sterling’s motto is “WORK HARD PLAY HARD” nothing is more important that a great work ethic, but it means nothing if you cannot enjoy your hard work by playing as hard as you can every chance you get.

“Our youth learn just as much from good old fashion healthy play as they do from books, therapy, structure, etc.” After years and years in this tough industry Sterling continues his dedication to serving youth in every capacity possible. “The rewards far exceed the disappointments and when you see one of the boy’s 10 years later with a family of his own and loving life to the fullest it reminds you that all of the trials and hard work is all worth it no matter what”.

Bruce Humphries

Vice President

Bruce grew up in scenic Southern Utah. He graduated from Southern Utah University with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, and in 1994 he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology. He began his career as a house parent in a private program for teenage girls. It was here that he realized he wanted to build a career with troubled youth. Over the past 20 years he has gained a diversity of experience in many aspects of his field. He has been a Group Home Director, Program Administrator, Youth Counselor in a secure/detention facility and a Juvenile Probation Officer. Bruce has received training through the State of Utah in Alcohol & Drug Recognition, Aggression Management, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Interviewing Technique, Gang Recognition, and Decision Making.  He has been part of the Triumph Team for over 8 years.

Bruce loves spending time with his wife and children. He is an avid hunter and enjoys being outdoors and in the mountains. Fishing in Alaska is one of his favorite places to be.

Tom Filipe

VP, Operations

Tom has been with Triumph since 2001 while he attended Southern Utah University on a football scholarship. Tom started as a part time Direct Care Staff and now runs Triumph Operations and Academy athletics. He is a great leader and example to our youth and the staff. Tom graduated with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Tom also received an Associate of Science Degree at Dixie College. He is a Certified Teaching Instructor for the American Red Cross, formally trained in Substance Abuse, Aggression Management, Crisis Intervention, Interviewing Techniques, Gang Awareness and Anger Management to name a few. Tom is from Salt Lake City Utah but now calls Tremonton Utah home.

Tom believes that in order to create change we must first get to the root of the problem. Then it is up to us to replace that lifestyle with something positive and productive. After just a few short months of first working for Triumph Youth Services Tom changed his major to Sociology, because “I saw the positive foundations that we were building in our youth”. While working with these youth, he saw the environment these boys were coming from and felt like it was his calling to help them become successful people. “Triumph Youth Services is not a cookie cutter type program! Every youth that comes into our program is different, and we focus on a variety of different solutions that work for each individual. We take pride in what we do. We see the changes that each youth makes after coming into the program and that is what keeps us going. Triumph Youth Services is not only invested when a youth comes into the program but we are here for them for the rest of their lives”. When asked why does Triumph Youth Services work for you? Tom said “simply put – I love what I do. I love coming to work every morning and look forward to new challenges each and every day”. Tom has a beautiful and very understanding wife with 4 beautiful children. “I love being with my family and pull strength from them”. He enjoys playing the guitar, music and cooking. He also enjoys all sports including indoor football, outdoor football, fag football, touch football, nerf football, mud football, backyard football, street football and football. He also loves basketball, golf, rugby, weight lifting, and all other sports.

“I feel like I’m making a difference and giving our youth a second chance on life”

Patrick Cox, CMHC

Clinical Director

“These kids deserve another chance – we don’t have to give them all of our trust right away, but we can extend a little and teach them how to nourish it and help make it grow”.

Patrick received his BSW from Weber State University and his MC from the University of Phoenix. He has more than 23 years experience in this field including Residential Aid, Day Treatment Coordinator, Social Service Worker and Therapist. Patrick currently lives in Roy Utah by way of South Dakota and Montana. Patrick is our Substance Dependence Specialist and his philosophy for these boy’s is to be brutally honest “they have little time left to make significant change before serious consequences take over their lives”. Patrick explains “what separates Triumph Youth Services from other programs is overall SINCERE care for the well-being for the kids and the belief they can change independent of the laundry list of problematic behaviors they sometimes bring with them”. Patrick really loves feeling like he makes a difference, he truly enjoys working hand and hand with the staff and Triumph Youth Services is very flexible – not stagnant. Patrick appreciates nature and he got a full does of it this last summer with a trip to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. He enjoys playing pool and loves to ride motorcycles “there is nothing better than riding my bike through nature and enjoying life with no obstructions”.

Nikki Jones, ACMH

Clinical Therapist

Nikki is currently an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor working towards her full License. She started her academic path at the University of Utah, where she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology and a minor in Family Studies. Nikki then earned her Master’s of Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix in May 2013. She started working with Triumph Youth Services over eight years ago as a member of the staff while earning her degree. Nikki believes that helping the youth requires a sincere interest and desire to help and inspire each youth to make healthy life choices. She recognizes the immense potential that each youth has and strives to help them reach that potential. “What separates Triumph from other programs is the care and concern they have for everyone involved. Everyone is working together to fulfill the needs of each individual youth.” Nikki feels that being a part of the Triumph program has led to very rewarding experiences and it works for her because she shares their vision and supports their purpose.

Jennifer Kohl, CSW

Clinical Therapist

Jennifer just finished her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Utah and Internship at Triumph Youth Services. She has proven an excellent member of the Triumph Team and has joined the team as a licensed Therapist. She earned her Bachelor’s of Social Work from Idaho State University near the small Idaho town where she was born and raised.

She was raised working in the family auto parts business.  Consequently, she values hard work and spending time with her family.  Jennifer married her best friend and together they are raising four beautiful daughters.  The whole family enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and laughing.

Paul Newman, AFMT

Clinical Therapist


Kenyon Bott, APRN



Ryan Jones

Director, Alpine


Tylan Jackson

Coordinator, Alpine


Gary Napper

Coordinator, Alpine


Kyle Whitaker

Director, Expeditions

Patrick Eborn

Coordinator, Expeditions

Brenda McDowell

Admissions Director

Brenda has been working in the at-risk youth industry for over 15 years. She has a bachelor of science degree in education and a master of science degree in recreational therapy, which only adds to the dedication she brings to the triumph team.
Brenda was born and raised in CA and moved to Utah about the same time she started working with at-risk youth. She, “thoroughly enjoy[s] my position at Triumph Youth Services. I could not admit youth without whole heartedly believing in the program and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!”

Michelle Young

Director, Finance

Michelle is an experienced account administrator with over 16 years of business management in higher education and non-profit organizations.  She brings extensive knowledge of accounting and program planning to Triumph Youth Services.  

When she is not playing on the computer or helping her nieces with their homework, Michelle enjoys reading, hiking, river rafting, and horseback riding.  Unique restaurants, coffee shops, and bookstores are among her favorite places to visit…not to mention Alaska, Cusco, Stuttgart, Linz, Vienna, and Venice.

Sam Humphries

Office Executive

Samantha has worked with troubled youth for the past 20 years. She has worked as a house parent in a residential treatment center for girls, been a proctor parent and a respite care provider. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from Southern Utah University in 1994.

She heads up our quality assurance team. Her organizational skills are impeccable and she is the glue that keeps us all together. She hails from “across the pond” and her British sense of humor keeps the atmosphere in the office refreshing.

She is married and has three children. She loves to travel, eat good chocolate, read a variety of book genres, and go to the movies. She believes that youth need all the support they can get. “Triumph offers youth the opportunity to learn the skills needed to be successful in life. It provides them with the foundation they need to figure out where they are going and what their potential is.”

Lindsay Smith

Office Manager

Lindsay has a wealth of experience in business and office related areas. She has been the Office Manager and Office Assistant for Box Elder School District, State Farm Insurance and the Social Security Administration. Lindsay is very organized and her skills are a great asset to Triumph Youth Services. She received the Academic Excellence Award and graduated with honors from Box Elder High School. Lindsay has completed and certified in many business courses at Bridgerland Applied Technology Center including Business and Business Office Occupations.
Lindsay has lived in Brigham City for the past 18 years and she enjoys everything that Brigham City and the surrounding areas have to offer her kids. Lindsay and her family love camping, fishing and just being in the outdoors. She also enjoys yard work and finding new ways to decorate her home.
Lindsay believes that every youth deserves an opportunity for change, and to be able to make healthy choices so that they can succeed in life. “I believe you give youth new opportunities with a lot of support while also challenging them to take responsibility and gain independence”. Lindsay states that, “Triumph Academy is a program that truly devotes its resources and gives individualized attention to the youth”. “Personally, Triumph works for me because it has given me the chance to use my abilities to help others and to become a better person by doing so.”

Sidney Patterson

Administrative Assistant


Academic Staff

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