Triumph Academy Faculty

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At the Triumph Academy “We embrace the team approach here at Triumph, and work on emotional, physical and academic health. These three components are the focus of each individualized treatment plan and each student is treated an individual of value and worth.”

We have great faculty at Triumph Academy and thought we’d introduce them here on the blog.

Joette Hayden, Principal

Joette is the force behind the Triumph Academy and is credited for its existence and overall success. Joette has spent the last 15 years working with the education of at-risk youth is a variety of settings. She has taught school in a psychiatric hospital working with emotionally disturbed students, as well as teaching in residential school settings for grades 7 through 12. Joette has also spent numerous years in private education developing individualized curriculum, and over-seeing the challenges and day to day operations of the school.

She attended Southern Utah University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Special Education K-12, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education 1-8 and a Masters of Education in Administrative and Supervisory Education K-12. Joette was born in California but raised in Southern Utah and she still lives there today with her husband and 5 children.

As a dedicated wife and mother, Joette loves spending time with her family first and foremost. She is also an avid reader and can always be found with a good book or working on her own personal journal writing and scrapbooking. Joette has been a part of the Triumph team for many years now and she believes that all students can learn.

“The current challenges that our youth face each day can be over-whelming and negatively impact their ability to see their own potential. It is our job to help remove these obstacles, and give them the tools to succeed both academically and emotionally”.

As a veteran employee/administrator of Triumph Youth Services, Joette says that Triumph works for her because the student’s needs are always put first. “I fully understand and admire the leadership and philosophy that guides the treatment of our youth. Our youth are our future, and Triumph is preparing youth to be examples and leaders of our towns and communities”.

Dal A. Wiscombe, Education Coordinator and Head Teacher
Dal was born and raised in Brigham City, where he lives today. Outside of a few years in Southern California, he has spent his life here in Brigham City.

Before joining the Triumph team, Dal provided occupational therapy, resource and chapter one work with elementary students for the Provo School district and he taught at American Heritage of South Jordan a faith based private school. He has been with Triumph Academy since 2008 and feels fortunate to be able to teach in his home town. He has a bachelor’s degree in history from Weber State University with a minor in geography. He completed the Utah State Office of Education (ARL) teacher certification program through Utah State University. He also has a strong background in computer technology and accumulated 218 university credits because he enjoys learning.

Dal also works with the Utah State University Brigham City Campus as a facilitator, where he enjoys being paid to learn. The Science, literature and financial literacy courses we pursue are some of his favorite, as well as the World and U.S. history coursework. He has a special affinity to the Social Studies curriculum, but realizes the great value of a well-balanced educational pursuit.

Dal enjoys the challenge of finding the right approach with each student. Dal also knows the value of respect; he tries to earn the respect from the students as he knows they want it from him. He has an open class policy where the class is allowed to discuss and debate openly the various topics. Many youth have commented how they appreciate this environment. The open environment helps steer the students in the direction that shows they have grasped some of the concepts from class as well as helping them to develop a healthier attitude for education in general.

No youth is a lost cause even though they sometimes look like they don’t care, the layers have to be peeled back ever so carefully and when this happens it is a successful moment to find out we relate to each other and that we can bridge the generation gap.

Dal also enjoys working at Triumph because he, “feels valued here,” Triumph has a good variety of staff that really care for the students. The program is not easy, nor do we let youth stay stagnant in their progress. The rules and system work well, especially the positive peer culture environment where the group as a whole get to share and utilize their own ideas on how to fix problems that arise. With staff supervision they have come up with some very creative ways to address issues to help struggling peers and to keep up the positive feedback for all the students.

When not with the students, Dal enjoys spending time with his wife of 23 years (and counting) and 6 children. He enjoys each of them with their individual talents and abilities, strengths and weaknesses. His God, Family and Country are very important to him. He likes reading, tinkering with computers, research, playing golf, chess, and basketball.

Thad Bainbridge, Teacher
Thad is a Teacher at Triumph Academy and newest member of the education team. Thad, however, is not new to teaching. He has taught and worked with youth for the past 20 years, which includes 6th grade through 12th grade levels. He has coached high school football, soccer, basketball and three National 1st place DECA Quiz Bowl teams. With his vast experience, Thad has quickly fit right into the individualized and team spirit of Triumph.

If you don’t find him teaching or coaching, Thad is enjoying time with his number one focus, his “family!” Thad loves to be with his family doing a wide range of things like playing board games, going to NFL Bronco games, visiting Colorado, visiting Disneyland, dreaming of traveling or working on plans for a new Toy/Hobby Business.

Tom Filipe, Athletics Coordinator
Tom has been with Triumph since 2001 while he attended Southern Utah University on a football scholarship. Tom started as a part time Direct Care Staff and now runs the entire Triumph Youth Services Program in addition to managing our sports programs. He is a great leader and example to our youth and the staff. Tom graduated with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Tom also received an Associate of Science Degree at Dixie College. He is a Certified Teaching Instructor for the American Red Cross, formally trained in Substance Abuse, Aggression Management, Crisis Intervention, Interviewing Techniques, Gang Awareness and Anger Management to name a few.

Tom believes that in order to create change we must first get to the root of the problem. Then it is up to us to replace that lifestyle with something positive and productive. After just a few short months of first working for Triumph Youth Services Tom changed his major to Sociology, because “I saw the positive foundations that we were building in our youth”. While working with these youth, he saw the environment these boys were coming from and felt like it was his calling to help them become successful people. “Triumph Youth Services is not a cookie cutter type program!

Every youth that comes into our program is different, and we focus on a variety of different solutions that work for each individual. We take pride in what we do. We see the changes that each youth makes after coming into the program and that is what keeps us going. Triumph Youth Services is not only invested when a youth comes into the program but we are here for them for the rest of their lives.”

When asked why does Triumph Youth Services work for you? Tom said “simply put – I love what I do. I love coming to work every morning and look forward to new challenges each and every day”. Tom has a beautiful and very understanding wife with 4 beautiful children. “I love being with my family and pull strength from them.” He enjoys playing the guitar, music and cooking. He also enjoys all sports including Rugby, indoor football, outdoor football, flag football, touch football, nerf football, mud football, backyard football, street football and football. He also loves basketball, golf, weight lifting, and all other sports.
“I feel like I’m making a difference and giving our students a second chance on life!”

Lindsay Smith, Program Assistant
Lindsay has a wealth of experience in business and office related areas. She has been the Office Manager and Office Assistant for Box Elder School District, State Farm Insurance and the Social Security Administration. Lindsay is very organized and her skills are a great asset to Triumph. She received the Academic Excellence Award and graduated with honors from Box Elder High School. Lindsay has completed and certified in many business courses at Bridgerland Applied Technology Center including Business and Business Office Occupations.

Lindsay lives in Brigham City and enjoys everything that Brigham City and the surrounding areas have to offer her kids. Lindsay and her family love camping, fishing and just being in the outdoors. She also enjoys yard work and finding new ways to decorate her home.

Lindsay believes that every youth deserves an opportunity for change, and to be able to make healthy choices so that they can succeed in life. “I believe you give youth new opportunities with a lot of support while also challenging them to take responsibility and gain independence.” Lindsay states that, “Triumph Academy is a program that truly devotes its resources and gives individualized attention to the youth.” “Personally, Triumph works for me because it has given me the chance to use my abilities to help others and to become a better person by doing so”.

We love our Triumph Academy staff and are so grateful for all they do for the boys in our program.