Triumph Board of Trustees

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Now that we’ve covered our Triumph Academy Faculty, we wanted to share our Board of Trustees here at Triumph.


Sterling T. Lyman, President and Administrator
Sterling Lyman is the founder and President of Triumph Youth Services which he founded in 1998. Sterling attended Southern Utah University where he played running back for the Thunderbird football team, studied Sociology, Special Education and Physical Education.

Sterling began his career in 1992 while in college where he worked as a youth advocate and a foster parent for DCFS, a counselor for DYC (now DJJS) and as a law related education instructor for first time offenders in the Juvenile Court System. Sterling began working in the private sector in 1995 as a program director and three years later he opened Triumph Youth Services where he and a small group of caring professionals started by offering outpatient services and proctor/foster care.

Sterling always had a strong desire to run a quality residential treatment program for troubled teens and in 1999 he and his partners opened their first residential treatment center located in Toquerville, Utah. After achieving great success and growth, Sterling elected to centralize all of the residential treatment programs and work with smaller groups in order to provide a greater system of quality care.

Sterling is passionate about his work and ability to serve. Along with helping troubled youth every day, he is actively involved in many charities and he gets the youth involved as much as possible as well. He has spent his life committed to the success and personal growth of youth and will do anything it takes to make a difference.

In 2001 Sterling and his wife Char adopted one of the boy’s from the program completing their loving family. Sterling’s pride and joy are his kids, his dogs and his Triumph boy’s. Sterling married the love of his life in 1990 and they are still going strong today “the greatest accomplishment of my life is picking the right girl and convincing her to stick with me and my crazy life for the long haul”.

Sterling’s greatest joy is family time, family adventures and watching his kids grow. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, training retrievers, coaching, all sports and being in the outdoors. Sterling’s favorite place on earth is Alaska and he makes every attempt to visit and share Alaska with new people every year.

Sterling contributes his success to his great staff and because he was able to surround himself with amazing people. “if you surround yourself with good people, amazing things will happen, I have been fortunate enough throughout my life to find the right people – good honest, loyal hard working people that inspire me and motivate me to do better everyday” Sterling’s motto is “WORK HARD PLAY HARD” nothing is more important that a great work ethic, but it means nothing if you cannot enjoy your hard work by playing as hard as you can every chance you get.

“Our youth learn just as much from good old fashion healthy play as they do from books, therapy, structure, etc.” After years and years in this tough industry Sterling continues his dedication to serving youth in every capacity possible. “The rewards far exceed the disappointments and when you see one of the boy’s 10 years later with a family of his own and loving life to the fullest it reminds you that all of the trials and hard work is all worth it no matter what”.

Bruce L. Humphries, Vice President
Bruce grew up in scenic Southern Utah. He graduated from Southern Utah University with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, and in 1994 he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology. He began his career as a house parent in a private program for teenage girls. It was here that he realized he wanted to build a career with troubled youth.

Over the past 20 years he has gained a diversity of experience in many aspects of his field. He has been a Group Home Director, Program Administrator, Youth Counselor in a secure/detention facility and a Juvenile Probation Officer. Bruce has received training through the State of Utah in Alcohol & Drug Recognition, Aggression Management, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Interviewing Technique, Gang Recognition, and Decision Making.

He has been part of the Triumph Team for over 10 years and is now an owner in the company.
Bruce loves spending time with his wife and children. He is an avid hunter and enjoys being outdoors and in the mountains. Fishing in Alaska is one of his favorite places to be.

Joette Hayden, Director and Principal
“We embrace the team approach here at Triumph, and work on emotional, physical and academic health. These three components are the focus of each individualized treatment plan and each student is treated an individual of value and worth.”

Joette is the force behind the Triumph Academy and is credited for its existence and overall success. Joette has spent the last 12 years working with the education of at-risk youth is a variety of settings. She has taught school in a psychiatric hospital working with emotionally disturbed students, as well as teaching in residential school settings for grades 7 through 12.

Joette has also spent numerous years in private education developing individualized curriculum, and over-seeing the challenges and day to day operations of the school. She attended Southern Utah University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Special Education K-12, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education 1-8 and a Masters of Education in Administrative and Supervisory Education K-12.

Joette was born in California but raised in Southern Utah and she still lives there today with her husband and 5 children. As a dedicated wife and mother, Joette loves spending time with her family first and foremost. Joette has been a part of the Triumph team for many years now and she believes that all students can learn. “The current challenges that our youth face each day can be over-whelming and negatively impact their ability to see their own potential. It is our job to help remove these obstacles, and give them the tools to succeed both academically and emotionally”.

As a veteran employee/administrator of Triumph Youth Services, Joette says that Triumph works for her because the student’s needs are always put first. “I fully understand and admire the leadership and philosophy that guides the treatment of our youth. Our youth are our future, and Triumph is preparing youth to be examples and leaders of our towns and communities”.

Robert J. East, CPA, Treasurer
Robert is a managing member of East Folsom, LLC, an accounting and tax firm in Northern Utah.

Lee Kilpack, Trustee
Lee is an entrepreneur in Northern Utah.

Donald J. Salazar, Trustee
Donald J. Salazar is a lifelong resident of the Ogden Area. He is President and CEO of Creative Times, Inc. (CTI), a design-build construction company based in Ogden, Utah. Don is Responsible for the General Management and Administration of Creative Times. Oversees all management activities, including business planning, accounting, bonding, finance, marketing, resource allocation, contract negotiation, and on-site job performance. Don has successfully performed on both governmental and public sector contracts ranging from $200,000.00 to $34 million dollars.

Don earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, and is a Business Transformation graduate from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University.

Don is the past chair of the Ogden Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of the Utah Hispanic Chamber, past President of Northern Utah Public Employees Association, governor-appointed State Council on Workforce Services, Weber State University National Advisory Board, Weber State University Arts and Humanities Board Member. He serves on the IHC McKay Dee Hospital Board of Trustees, IHC McKay Dee Hospital Outreach Committee Board Member, a member of the Utah Hispanic Legislative Task Force, and a member of the Nature Conservancy Board of Trustees.