About Triumph

Triumph Motto

“Work Hard, Play Hard”

Triumph believes it is vitally important for our students to learn, understand and appreciate the importance of work ethic and be able to apply it to their lives.  Our “Work Hard Play Hard” motto helps us to achieve this goal.

This is implemented through charity, meaningful community service, school work, therapy/program assignments, chores and apprenticeships/employment. After working hard it is equally important to Play Hard. In order to achieve long term success and recovery it is imperative for these young men to learn how to have healthy positive fun while remaining sober, and maintaining personal integrity at the same time. At Triumph Youth Services, we teach our students how to have realistic fun at appropriate times on a consistent basis.

Personal and group improvement in multiple recreational activities enhances proficiency and increases self worth. Choosing realistic and positive recreational activities also helps put our students in situations where they will have better opportunities to meet and associate with successful and positive peers in safe settings. Being around positive influences and enjoying positive activities will further increase self esteem, involvement and the overall opportunity for success. While at Triumph Youth Services, each student will participate in daily recreational activities.

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