Insurance & Payment Options

Tuition Options

Triumph Youth Services is a family oriented company dedicated to our students and their families.  Because of this commitment, we work hard to find solutions for the financial needs of the program.

First, talk with our team to see if your son is a good fit for the Triumph Family.  See Admissions for a quick list of basic criteria.  We believe in the success of our students and will tell you right away if your son would not fit into our program.

Second, figure out what options you have for financial support.  There are more than you might think.

-Family members
-Behavioral Health Financing firms
-Union benefits
-School District Funds
-Community Support from non-profits and churches
-Medical Insurance

Plus, Triumph will work with you on a payment plan

Contact our admissions team, which includes our president and managing member, to help find a solution for you today.

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