Open Enrollment

Triumph is an open enrollment treatment and education program for qualified students.

Triumph offers residential treatment in conjunction with academics (Triumph Academy therapeutic boarding school) that specialize in helping youth with many different issues, such as substance addiction/abuse, emotional and behavioral problems, low self-esteem, defiance, underachievement, ADHD and learning challenges, depression and anxiety, adoption-related issues, and family conflict (see Resources section). There are programs available for teens (12-17).

An Admissions Director will be happy to discuss with you if our program is appropriate for your child. Please call (435) 494-1740 or fill out a contact form.

We know that making the decision to place your child in a residential treatment center may possibly be the most difficult decision you will ever have to make. We understand what you are experiencing and the difficulties your family is facing. Together we will assess your sons needs and determine whether Triumph is appropriate for your son and your family.


Tuition may be supplemented by insurance or educational/behavioral loans. Triumph works with insurance carriers to check for pre-qualification of services and can help find funding for students with IEP’s. Parents are encouraged to contact program admissions to request assistance with obtaining insurance coverage. Whenever possible, scholarships may be available.

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