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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triumph Youth Services?

Triumph Youth Services is an association of close proximity Residential Treatment Centers and Outpatient Programs centralized in beautiful Brigham City Utah. Our programs are all unified due to a proven program treatment model, strict structure, support and leadership. Triumph Youth Services also offers top notch academics on campus provided by the Triumph Academy a fully accredited fully staffed nonprofit 501c3 organization.

Is Triumph Youth Services licensed?

Yes. Triumph Youth Services is fully licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services. We adhere to all of the scrupulous standards set forth by the State of Utah Department of Human Services Office of Licensing.

Can we tour the facility?

Absolutely. We welcome all parents, family members, educational consultants, school districts and other professionals to visit our program anytime to experience the Triumph Youth Services program first hand. If you would like to schedule a tour, please call anytime during office hours (435) 494-1740.

Is Triumph Youth Services co-ed?

No, Triumph Youth Services only accepts male students ages 12-17.

Where do Triumph Youth Services students come from?

Students are placed in our Residential Treatment Centers via private referrals (from families, guardians, adoption agencies, trusts, etc.), educational consultant referrals, school district referrals, and international referrals.

Students are placed at Triumph by their families or other caring professionals. The results of a child’s negative behaviors can weigh heavily on a parent and the need for immediate assistance to salvage their son’s chance for a successful future is evident. Triumph Youth Services provides strict structure, programming and the appropriate boundaries required for most students to learn the skills needed to become productive family members and citizens.

What is the parental involvement at Triumph Youth Services?

At Triumph Youth Services parents are an integral part of the program and treatment services. When the students, their parents, clinicians and staff work together the chances for ultimate success and overall happiness are much better. Along with minimum weekly updates, we provide minimum quarterly team meetings designed to keep everyone updated and working together as a team. We focus more on solutions to problems rather than the problems themselves. We ask each person involved to take responsibility for their part and do what it takes to assist in the overall growth process. Each parent will also receive a parent manual not only explaining the program, but also giving the parents many of the same assignments to ponder and complete along with their child. Dealing with delicate teenage issues, past and present possible family issues and more serious mental health issues can be very difficult for all parties involved; thus, we work on these together with a common goal to change the negative into lasting positive success.

How often will we have contact with our son?

Students are allowed to call home on a weekly basis depending on his behavior and treatment. Each student usually receives an additional call home during therapy with his primary therapist.

Are students placed at Triumph Youth Services allowed to go home for weekend visits, holiday visits, etc.?

To ensure proper implementation of the program and treatment, it is in the best interest of the student to remain at the Triumph Youth Services program until the student’s therapist and treatment team recommends a visit away from the program community boundaries. Home visits and even holiday visits usually take place towards the end of the students programming when they are much farther progressed in their treatment and are ready for all of the stimuli and stresses that come from visits away from program community boundaries.

Are there specific dates for enrollment?

No, you may enroll your child at anytime throughout the year.

How do we transport an unwilling teenager to Triumph Youth Services?

As part of the admissions process, our admissions director will work closely with you to determine the best way to safely transport your child to our program. We will assist with transporting youth every way possible and in severe cases there are many quality transport companies that specialize in the transport of very reluctant and unwilling teenagers.

How long will it take to make lasting and noticeable changes?

We believe that you CANNOT put a time frame or limit on treatment, every student is different and requires individual and unique changes. Over the years we have experienced the greatest opportunity for long term success is most evident when a student graduates from the Triumph Youth Services program and also graduates from high school or is ahead of his required credits at the time of program graduation. We expect and recommend that each student graduate from the Triumph Youth Services program.

Some changes can be noticed immediately. The desired behaviors are reinforced over and over each day which shapes the students behavior over time. Regular consistent teaching and reinforcement is a must for a student to eventually internalize the important behaviors and skills he has learned (some students internalize and utilize these behaviors and skills earlier than others).

Who pays for my son’s placement while he is in the Triumph Youth Services program and is there funding/financing options available for placement in this program?

If your son is in States Custody then State agencies pay for some of the placement cost. Some school districts and other organizations pay for placements but otherwise parents and/or insurance companies pay for their child’s residential treatment and academics.

Yes there are many funding/financing options available for parents who place their child in the Triumph Youth Services program. Please contact our admissions director for more information regarding insurance and financing options available. Our Admissions Director is Brenda McDowell and she can be reached at (435) 494-1740.

Do the students placed in the Triumph Youth Services Program participate in therapy?

Individual, group and family mental health treatment services (therapy) are available for all students placed in Triumph Youth Services. These services are administered by a licensed mental health clinician and each student will receive a therapeutic intake assessment and/or an in-depth psychological assessment to determine the need for ongoing mental health treatment services. It will also be determined how often treatment is needed and which services are recommended. Mental Health Treatment Services are determined for each student on an individual case by case basis. Some youth benefit from many different mental health treatment services throughout the duration of their placement while others require basic mental health services and more behavioral structure, which is provided consistently through daily programming.

What happens after a student graduates from Triumph Youth Services residential treatment program?

Once a student completes our residential treatment program he can then live in a less restrictive and structured environment. This may include an established proctor home, the home of a relative or family friend, live independently or return to their own home. We assist each program graduate to research, create and implement a relapse prevention/aftercare plan which is a map and resource guide to a successful future. For those who are of age and meet the criteria we encourage and assist with college placement and/or vocational training. We at Triumph Youth Services are very focused and dedicated to aftercare and proper transition to the next step of each student’s life. We hope to always be part of the very important positive support system each student will need throughout his life.

What subjects are offered at the Triumph Academy?

Triumph Academy offers a full schedule of all core classes, and a variety of electives as well. All students receive a complete educational assessment and evaluation upon arrival, and a class schedule is implemented based upon academic and emotional need. Besides building strength in the core academic areas (English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science) we believe that students need to prepare for their future by choosing other areas of interest as well. This can be done through participation in our Animal Science program, where students learn the care and science of small animal husbandry, or through more technical courses such as drafting and design. Students will leave Triumph Academy prepared to face the challenges of their academic endeavors, and better prepared to successfully enter the world of higher education and a competitive work force. (Please see our course catalog for a complete listing and description of courses)

What are the educational goals of the Triumph Academy?

At Triumph Academy, we want students to reach their academic potential and understand the power and value of knowledge in their lives. It is built into our school’s Mission and Beliefs that all students can learn. We strive to tap into the individual learning styles of our students, and teach them how to be successful in each of their classes, and ultimately in all learning they tackle in life. Our goal is to empower students to learn, use, and embrace the talents they have. We accomplish this by having students set academic goals while they are here, monitor and track progress, and then continue on with a “post” plan that they will take with them upon leaving our school.

What is the average classroom size?

Classes usually range from 8-16 students per class. By having a small student to teacher ratio, we are able to accurately identify the individual needs of our students and involve them in a multitude of educational experiences that will shape their view on learning. Direct instruction, small group work, collaborative work projects and creative thinking gives students opportunity to experience success and helps them identify “how” they learn best.

What type of testing and evaluations are done at the Triumph Academy?

All students will receive a full educational evaluation and report within 14 days of arrival. We currently use the WCJ lll, Cognitive and Achievement, but also use other educational batteries as needed. Assessments are used as a tool to help highlight the strengths of each student, and to design a student education plan that is individualized for each child.

What are the teachers’ qualifications?

All teachers at Triumph Academy are certified and licensed through the Utah State Office of Education and undergo continual professional development and training to work with at-risk youth.

How is Triumph Youth Services different from other residential treatment programs?

We specialize in substance dependence, substance abuse, emotional disturbance and non compliance. We are owner operated which means the owners and administrators have daily active involvement with your son to ensure the highest quality of care and treatment at all times. We provide excellent residential care for all of our students including a strong Positive Peer Culture program for each facility. We utilize many proven organizations and programs including, 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens, 12 steps, NA, and AA. These programs combined with Positive Peer Culture, structured daily programming, multiple individual, group and family therapy sessions create a very successful and unique program. We have a top notch Academics Program provided through the Triumph Academy, which is a 501c3 nonprofit school that has been licensed and accredited through the Utah State Board Of Education and the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) since 2000.

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