Teen Emotional Issues

Teen Depression

What is Teen Depression? Teen Depression is a mental health disorder that is characterized by abnormally low moods that persist for two or more weeks. Depression prevents individuals from functioning normally in their day-to-day activities. Although a depressive episode may last only a few weeks, teen depression often lasts much longer.

There are as many misconceptions about Teen Depression as there are about teenagers in general. Yes, the teen years are tough, but most teens balance the requisite angst with good friendships, success in school or outside activities, and the development of a strong sense of self.

Teen Depression symptoms are commonly mistaken for sullenness, rebellion or a bad attitude. As a result, Teen Depression often goes undiagnosed and untreated. In such cases, Teen Depression can worsen becoming much more severe.

Symptoms of depression in adults are similar in many ways to symptoms of Teen Depression. However, some signs of depression are much more prevalent in teens. Knowing the signs of Teen Depression can help you as a parent, teacher or loved one recognize it in someone you care about.



Triumph Youth Services provides a small, highly structured family-type environment for youth. This family-like community promotes a social environment that takes on both therapeutic and healing properties instead of maintaining negative behaviors.

Our Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach utilizes individual therapy mixed with group and family therapy to treat each youth’s issues. In addition to the therapy, the Positive Peer Culture utilized in Triumph Youth Services facilities help the youth process their issues and build skills for their own personal progress. This includes consistent group counseling and peer mentoring, which are crucial for helping teens with depression.

Our staff members are trained and encouraged to be effective leaders by serving as teachers or coaches who hold the young men responsible for working on problems and to act as limit setters and good listeners.

The clinicians at Triumph Youth Services are highly trained and have extensive experience working with adolescent youth. Our clinicians are licensed and approved as mental health professionals to provide individual, group and family therapy.

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