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Triumph Philosophy

“All feeling, all character, all thought, all life, exist for us only in so far as it can be reflected upon, viewed from without, seen at a distance, acknowledged by another than itself, and reworded in terms of fresh experience. Stand still where you are, stand alone, isolate your life, and forthwith you are nothing. Enter into relationships, exist for the reflective thought of yourself, or of other people, criticize yourself and be criticized, observe yourself and be observed, exist, and at the same time look upon yourself and be looked upon from without, and then indeed you are somebody, –a self with a consistency and a vitality, a being with a genuine life.” G.W.F. Hegel

Understanding the vitality and survivability of any community is contingent upon the ability of its youth (our youth) to enter into meaningful societal relationships by observing and looking upon themselves. It is essential that they be taught the skills and values necessary to function in society in a healthy and lawful manner and to reach their full potential, in order to lead a genuine life.

It is essential that our youth have a continuum of care in order to be fully prepared to enter the world. They must gain the courage, skills, and experience necessary to be an integral part of the family unit, and be able to function as positive contributing members of society. Thus, making a greater chance for them to choose a positive path in life, and have the motivation to work for ultimate success.

We at Triumph Youth Services believe that all of the youth need plenty of praise for their accomplishments, but they must also take accountability for their actions and assume responsibility for their own role in society. Without taking this action they will continue to digress and shift the blame for their actions on to others. We believe that without taking personal accountability they will not internalize the need to commit to real and long lasting change or recovery. Along with taking accountability the youth need to build strong and appropriate relationships to assist in the positive development of change.

We believe that a principle based program is vital for building a foundation for successful living. It can foster positive growth and development in the lives of youth and their families as they participate in our program.

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