Teen Behavioral Issues

Trouble with the Law

Has your son been involved with the juvenile justice system? Has he been in trouble with the law for a minor under the influence, D.U.I., marijuana possession, truancy, theft, burglary, vandalism or other crime? Teens sometimes succumb to peer pressure and break the law in an effort to “fit in.” Teens that commit crimes often are sending a message they need help. Ignoring underlying issues may lead to increased criminal behavior.

Most Common Risk Factors


Sometimes it is beneficial to remove the young man from the environment to thwart further criminal behavior. Triumph Youth Services is a safe place for your son to continue his education, receive therapy to address the underlying issues of his behavior choices and to cultivate personal growth.

Triumph Youth Services offers a small, highly structured family-type environment for youth. This family-like community promotes a social environment that takes on both therapeutic and healing properties instead of maintaining negative behaviors.

Our Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach utilizes individual therapy combined with group and family therapy to treat each youth’s issues. In addition to the therapy, the Positive Peer Culture utilized in Triumph Youth Services facilities help the youth process their issues and build skills for their own personal progress.

Triumph Youth Services provides a daily Life Skills Group. The goal of our Life Skills Group training program is to teach the student a new set of responses to social situations, as well as how to integrate his behavior with others in the environment. Our staff members are trained and encouraged to be effective leaders by serving as teachers or coaches who hold the young men responsible for working on problems and to act as limit setters and good listeners.

The clinicians at Triumph Youth Services are highly trained and have extensive experience working with adolescent youth. Our clinicians are licensed and approved as mental health professionals to provide individual, group and family therapy.

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