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Life Skills

thinkingWe at Triumph work extremely hard at preparing our youth for a successful future. Part of this process is teaching them valuable life skills. A life skill group is held daily to discuss the skill that is being worked on for that week. Staff gives feedback to the students in regards to what area of the skill needs improvement. Some of the life skills we work on are: Decision making, Anger Management, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Coping Skills, Communication, Money Management and Sportsmanship.

The program is taken from Father Flanagan’s Boys Home, Boys Town Nebraska. It contains a year full of various life skills exercises designed to teach struggling students how to be successful in everyday situations.

The goal of a life skills training program is to teach the student a new set of responses to social situations, as well as how to integrate his behavior with others in the environment. In order to accomplish this, staff working with the student must have a clear concept of what constitutes appropriate social behavior and life skills, as well as a method of analyzing the student’s current level of functioning. Each staff member is trained in the Life Skill Program. This will help Triumph to focus on the functional relationships between the student’s behavior and the environment, the structure of appropriate social skills and task analysis, and methods of assessing skill deficits and targeting alternative responses.

Our hope is to give our students a jump start on some of these skills. Once they are fine tuned the skills can then be implemented into their life to achieve greater productivity in their education, career, and personal relationships. Ultimately and in the long run they will help the students achieve whatever their heart desires.

We believe in the youth of today and think they are more talented than ever. We focus on helping the students figure out their strengths so they can build on them. We help them identify their weaknesses and teach them how to turn them into strengths.

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