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Activities used in addition to evidence-based treatment

Triumph Youth Services uses many different activities and interventions in addition to evidence-based treatment to address the needs of this target population. Some of these interventions/activities include: Community Service, Community support groups including Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Addiction Recovery Program (ARP), Boy Scouts of America, Dog Training, Seven Habits for Highly Effective Teens, 12 steps and New Freedom Curriculum, just to name a few. Triumph Youth Services everyday general programming is specific to each program and targeted population. The activities and interventions within the programming in and of itself have proven to be very effective. Some of the other continuous activities include many different sporting activities and events including high school team sports, competitive sports, club sports and general recreation, consistently scheduled field trips, camping, nature hikes and observation, fishing, vocational training, educational services through the Triumph Academy and the Bridgerland Applied Technology College.

At Triumph Youth Services community service is mandatory whether the student is court ordered to do community service or not. Each student must complete a minimum amount of community service hours in order to advance through the levels. Community service is very important for many reasons. Community service promotes empathy, creates growth, builds work ethic and gives students an opportunity to “give back”. When teenagers learn to serve others, they become empowered. They leave the program believing they can make a difference in the world. Making the world a better place starts by showing, and teaching adolescents how to work and how they can be part of impacting the future through volunteering.

Triumph Youth Services consistently utilizes the expertise of guest speakers to come and talk to the boys and discuss issues specific to this target population. For example: local law enforcement, community members that have been victims of crimes, and local professionals. We have recently had the SLC Gang Task Force speak to the boys and we have had two members of the NFL Baltimore Ravens Team speak to the boys about success, decision making skills, anger management and negativity in gangs.

The Triumph Youth Services program operates under a level system where each student is graded according to his behavior, progress and involvement. Each student must maintain a minimum Behavior Point Average (BPA) similar to a GPA in order to advance through the program. Along with an accepted BPA, each student must maintain a minimum GPA and be adequately progressing through treatment as well.

ARP, NA and AA are community groups in which students with substance addiction, substance abuse, addictions or addictive behaviors can attend every week. In addition to students attending these weekly community groups AA and NA representatives visit our program weekly to run groups on site.

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